Stamping automation solution provider

With more than ten years of technical crystallization and management experience in sheet metal stamping, mold automation, machinery manufacturing, marketing services, etc.,
provides you with high-quality one-stop solutions from the perspective of customers, reducing costs, reducing people and increasing efficiency.

Who we are

QinFeng Robot

Qinfeng Robot Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and solution provider of stamping manipulators, joint robots, press feeders, levelers, three-in-one feeders and other punch peripheral automation equipment in China, focusing on the stamping field. In line with the tenet of "Quality assurance, Affordable price, Customer first, Continuous innovation, and Excellence", the company provides customers with high-quality, high-precision stamping automation equipment. Provide one-stop service from process flow, equipment selection, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, personnel training, etc.

Our products

Robot series

Provide multi-purpose, multi-functional industrial robot models.

Customize individual solutions for your production process.

Our advantages

Core competitiveness

Innovative R & D

Gathering global industry elites and setting up a Qinfeng full project laboratory can realize multi-dimensional comprehensive experiments of products. Successfully invented the I-generation, II-generation, and III-generation intelligent swing arm stamping manipulators, the products have formed a high degree of standardization, only need to customize breakthrough points, easy installation, and mass production in three days.

Quality Management

In strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system, the quality management system is standardized to ensure that the production equipment is well-crafted. After-sales outlets in major industrial cities across the country, and the considerate service of professional and technical personnel have won the company and its products a good reputation among customers.

Production equipment

"Be yourself and look at the world" is Qinfeng's constant pursuit, serving the sheet metal stamping industry is our constant positioning, and serving customers with our professionalism is our constant commitment. Qinfeng Robot has been working hard!

Our factory

Manufacturing strength

The headquarters of Qinfeng Manufacturing Industrial Park is located in Hunan.
At the same time, Qinfeng is actively deploying the market and setting up a number of technical centers in the country and abroad.

A whole industry value chain integrating independent core technology,
core components, core products and industry system solutions has been formed.

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Global layout

  • 2006year

    Company established

  • 100+

    Industry ranking

  • 3.6h㎡

    Factory area

  • 500people

    Company employees

  • 2.56Billion

    annual output value

  • 80000+

    Factory machine

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